There´s something about

… the first day of Icelandic winter. One wakes up at dawn and sees the frostworks Old Man Winter has left in his path. The blue mountains of yesterday have become completely white apart from their wet, black roots that run deep under the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Icecold founder and jewellery designer, Jón Sigurjónsson, draws his inspiration from Icelandic history and the contrasting images of Icelandic nature; from the quiet winter mornings to the bellowing groan underneath the glacier to the Northern lights in the sky. Sigurjónsson and his fellow master goldsmith, Páll Sveinsson, have since 2000 sought to bring out and mimic the nature in Iceland, respecting its roughness while also focusing on it's tender beauty. For us, Icecold represents the strong forces of Icelandic nature and history.

If you are traveling to Iceland and want to shop Icecold jewelry you can visit us at our shop Jón & Óskar in Laugavegur 61, Reykjavík or you can go to the Jón & Óskar stores in the shopping malls, Kringlan and Smáralind.


 Images from our workshop